An advertisement on one of the fastest growing media portals in Asia reaches further for more conversions.
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Reach a guaranteed audience by placing a video advertisement on our ever-popular platform.

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Digital Creative Marketing

Want to advertise, but no creative content yet? No problem, our in-house creative team is here to help.

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An intuitive real estate and property platform with first-in-market solutions that make buying and selling property easier than ever. 

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Website Development

Make a great first impression online with your professional website.

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Search Engine Optimization is a must-have tool in your digital marketing strategy.

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Google Marketing

Cement your online presence with a solid Google marketing strategy.

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Creative Content Production

From copywriting to video editing, our full-service creative content team is ready to help you start producing your own content.

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Legacy Times

One of the fastest growing media portals in Asia

The Legacy Times is on track to becoming a media giant. From our inception in 2018, we’ve had more than 1 million unique page views. Our bilingual content is carefully curated to be timely, informative and engaging, with visitors coming back again and again for more. 

We also provide a variety of digital marketing services, so advertising with us means engaging ONE end-to-end agency who will provide all the services you need to promote your product or company.

Talk to us today to find out more.

Useful information:

Our content works: 1 million unique page views.

Advertise with us: The right ad at the right time could capture the hearts of our daily readers, the majority of whom are 18-44 years old.

A loyal audience: Our visitors don’t just come once and leave; they stick around and come back again and again.

We’re inclusive: Bilingual articles in English and Chinese.

We’re shareable: Our awesome content is regularly shared by other social pages.

We’re diverse: A wide range of interesting topics – business, real estate, politics, lifestyle, Feng Shui, international news and more.

Big banner/button: Advertise with Us – advertise@legacyyounity.com


The future is here:video marketingis the way forward

54% of surveyed consumers would love to see more video content from brands and businesses they love. So if you’re not using video yet, what are you waiting for?

LegacyTV is a great platform to start with, and here’s why:

Guaranteed reach: We know our audiences so well we don’t just offer guaranteed impressions but guaranteed reach. Each video receives an average of 60,000 views.

Informative and useful: We cover a broad range of topics including real estate news, business trends, feng shui, life tips, international news and more!

Expert advice: For special editions, we partner with special knowledge leaders who are experts in their niche, to create exclusive content.

Customizable packages: Our team of digital marketing experts will personalize an advertisement package that delivers your message straight to the right audience.

Leverage on comprehensive medias: With 3 flagship media portals in-house you’ll have access to the most popular advertising mediums today (social media, digital ads, online TV and digital content). That means your content appears on multiple platforms for optimum exposure.

Advertise with us – awesome promo rates are available right now!


A real estate platformwith first-in-market solutions.

Searching for properties the traditional way is so yesterday. Leave history behind with PropLegacy. We created this innovative platform to make the process of property rental, purchase and listing so much easier for everyone involved. Built for property agents by agents with over 50 years’ collective experience, its an innovative platform that is intuitive, easy-to-use and constantly improving.

Property made effortless, with these amazing features:

Auto-matching system: PropLegacy is the first property portal in Malaysia to enable instant push-up notifications, so whether you’re a seller or a purchaser, you’ll know the instant you get a match.

Direct owner listing: Another first, PropLegacy permits property owners to post, advertise and market their own properties alongside contact details for real estate agents.

User-rating system: This feature allows users to rate real estate agents, creating greater transparency and better service.

Property wanted: Real estate agents may access requests or requirements posted by purchasers with their budgets, preferred location, type of properties and more. Along with the cutting-edge auto-matching system, this creates greater responsiveness and elevation of sales opportunity.

Below market-value: The special Fire Sales section displays properties that are selling below the market value, creating a win-win situation for buyers and sellers.

New developments: New, under-construction projects are only a click away with this new feature. 

Service providers: To truly be a one-stop solutions platform, PropLegacy connects users to all kinds of property-related service providers, for true ease of use.

Mortgage experts: A network of mortgage experts are at hand to provide valuation, loan eligibility pre-screening and mortgage advice prior to committing to a purchase of a property.

 Great service: Our users love our wide choice of properties and our personalized service. There’s always someone to help you find what you need, faster.

Fantastic ad placement: Our website is designed to display your advertising in an attractive, up-front placement. As our ads are seamlessly incorporated into the design; they contribute to the user experience and offer value both for them and for you.

Full control: Every little detail of your profile is available for you to modify to suit your needs. Feel free to test your ads; your statistics will tell you if your ads are working or need tweaking. 

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Digital Creative Marketing

Quality Content for All Your Needs

Web development, design, copywriting, video producing, SEO, SEM and more.

As your one-stop marketing solutions partner, we offer digital creative production services in addition to our media platforms.

This way, you enjoy the peace of mind that we are taking care of all your advertising and marketing needs.

You gain the space and time you need to focus your attention on what matters most: scaling your business.

Some of our services include:

Website Development

A website is your calling card online. You need it to make a good first impression. Whether you need a B2B lead generations landing page or a B2C online showcase, our in-house experts can help you create a professional, gorgeous and functional website.


Search Engine Optimization is a must-have tool in your digital marketing strategy. Our expertise helps you rank higher, faster.

Google Marketing

Cement your online presence with a solid Google marketing strategy. If your audience can’t find you, they won’t be able to fall in love with you. Let us help you help them.

Creative Content Production

Want to advertise but no creative team to produce content? No worries, we have everything you need. From quality design and copywriting, video shooting and editing and animation, we cover all your creative needs and more.

Social Media Management

To be relevant in today’s market, social media is a must. From creating social posts, to boosting and creating engagement, to day-to-day community management, you can count on us to help you create a solid presence online.